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Our mobile escape room is an escape room in a converted school bus designed for you and your team to escape while at the comfort of your own home! Do you have what it takes to escape? Book us for birthdays, wedding parties, and any other events you are planning.


Our portable escape rooms are fast-paced escape rooms designed for you and your team to escape while out and about! Do you have what it takes to escape? Find out at conventions, festivals, and other events near you.

Dr Kozlovs Laboratory.png


Level 1 difficulty

80% success rate

2-4 players

5 minutes

Dr. Kozlov is a mad scientist who likes to see the world and everything in it squirm. He created a harmful gas that will take effect in a matter of minutes in which the subject's heart slowly beats faster and faster until it pumps too quickly that it bursts inside their chest. He has been able to survive by taking the antidote he created. Feeling powerful, he released the gas on his enemies that once wronged him. However, in doing so, Dr. Kozlov got power-hungry and released the gas wherever he traveled onto innocent people.

We have not seen him enter or exit his lab since we found it. We need you to get the antidote so that we can heal the world once again. Do you have what it takes to enter his lab, find and take the antidote, and escape the tent?


Special thanks to my playtester: Robert Toyota.

Million Dollar Mania.png


Level 2 difficulty

33% success rate

2-4 players

5 minutes

Welcome players! You are the next contestants to play Million Dollar Mania! The only gameshow where you could win one million dollars. No? Okay. The only gameshow where you can win one million dollars in five minutes. You have wandered onto the set of the next big gameshow. There are three stations: a comic book station, a video game station, and a trading card station. At each station is a puzzle or riddle you will need to solve in order to obtain a key. Once you have all three keys, you can unlock all three locks and collect the prize money!

Do you have what it takes to escape? I hope so. Good luck!

Special thanks to my playtesters: Kathryn Toyota, Robert Toyota, Matt Watson, Josiah Morrison, Gabriel Morrison, and Sarah Morrison.

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