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Are you planning a party and want something fun and unique? Do you have a corporate event and are in need of a team-building activity? Look no further. Book an escape room that will travel to you!

How It Works

Choose which theme you would like for your event. For a list of themes, please head over to our Escape: The Tent page.

All themes for events are default 20 minutes. With rooms being 20 minutes, this allows two groups of up to four players try and escape per hour, with reset time. If you would like a shorter or longer escape-duration, please notify us.

We have Escape Bags that you can purchase to give your eventgoers including a pin, sticker, and T-shirt. Please note, shirt sizes range from youth small to youth large and from adult small to adult XXL.

We recommend booking at lease one month in advance as we have an increase in bookings.

Pricing and Details

We charge $125 per hour as long as you are in Rhode Island or Connecticut. If you are outside of RI or CT, please contact us for pricing.

If you are interested in Escape Bags, they are $20 per bag. Please specify the shirt sizes needed.

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